Bike Trails

Bike Trails

Trails to use the Trailhead’s bicycles on:

Our hybrids and cruisers are at home on any of the paved or smooth dirt roads you will find around Angel Fire, and will provide you with a fun and new way to transport yourself through your day.

Our mountain bikes are more cross country (XC) oriented and are best ridden on any of the trails listed below:

By knowing what type of cyclist you are and pairing your skill level with the appropriate bicycle and trail we are certain you won’t just want to keep that bicycle! Don’t worry- you can buy it and take it home with you!

What Type of Cyclist Are You?

Type 1: Ride smooth roads (asphalt or dirt) with little elevation change or technical challenges
Type 2: Prefer to ride single track trails that are primarily smooth that will occasionally have technical challenges such as rocks and roots in trails. Enjoys moderate (<5%) elevation changes.
Type 3: Will only ride single track that has steep changes in elevation (>7%) with many tight twists and turns with extreme technical challenges (i.e. rocks, gardens, drops, and man-made sections).

Greenbelt Trail System


Elliot Barker Trail System


South Boundary Trail #164


 Oeste Vista Trailhiking-oestevista

 Lake Trail & Lady Slipper Trail around Lake Monte Vista